Our On-Air Staff


Andy Brigle 

(6 am-10 am) The voice of the B-Rock Morning Show, Andy Brigle has been with WBNO since 1992. He is currently the program and sports director of WBNO-WQCT Radio. Andy grew up to the sounds of WBNO-WQCT and is always excited and passionate about bringing Great Classic Rock to the Tri-State area.  He lives with his beautiful wife, Stefanie, and has two adult twin daughters, Kaylyn and Kennedy, and is very active in the community. Contact Andy at andy@wbno-wqct.com.


Eddie Barella 

(10 am-3 pm) The name they gave me is Eddie Barella, what’s up? My unhealthy obsession with rock and comedy was diagnosed in middle school. At age 15 I used an unreliable dial-up internet connection to create my own internet radio station, broadcasting to a vast audience of zero (on a good day). One can only talk to themselves for so long before important questions are asked, so fast-forward to today, and it’s a dream come true to hang out with you in Northwest Ohio, play rock, and try to find irony in everything this crazy world throws at us. http://facebook.com/theedonair     http://twitter.com/theedonair


Robbie Knight

(3 pm-8 pm) Hi, I’m Robbie Knight! Mom raised me on classical music and Bluebird Jazz records.  But when I heard metal music, that was LIFE.  I love all the Metals and the music that inspired them.  I never outgrew comics, action movies, or stupid jokes.  And I never developed an “indoor voice.”  I blame that on being a game warden’s kid but it’s just that I’m loud, really.  Life sounds better cranked up to 11, especially here in Northwest Ohio. www.twitter.com/robbieknightwww.facebook.com/RobbieKnightRocks/www.instagram.com/robbieknightrocks/?hl=en


(Bolognious Francine) Marconi

(8 pm-1 am) WHola Rockternative enjoyer, my name is (Bolognious Francine) Marconi. Soup makes me real sweaty. I will most likely be a radio DJ until I’m a lifeless husk. To be a witness as that story unfolds follow me on socialized medias.  http://twitter.com/marconibolognahttp://facebook.com/marconibolognahttp://instagram.com/marconibolognahttp://youtube.com/marconibolognahttp://snapchat.com/add/marconibologna



(1 am-6 am) Hey, I’m Woody.  I started working in radio in 2011, and I’m still doing it so there must be something to it.  Maybe it’s all the money! Hahahahahaha! No, that’s not it.  Anyway, I don’t have a social media because I’m not exactly what you would call a “social” person.  Besides, there’s nothing I have to say that can’t be followed by, “Here’s Nickelback.”  Thanks for listening to B-Rock!  Here’s Nickelback…


Courtney Elizabeth (Production Director/On-Air Fill In)

A 2005 graduate of the Ohio Center for Broadcasting in Cleveland, Ohio, Courtney Elizabeth moved to Bryan in 2006, to take her first job in radio as News Director of WBNO-WQCT Radio and has since become Production Director. Production has always been her passion.  Courtney is currently attending Bowling Green State University to earn her Bachelor’s in Media Production to help improve her overall skills of her current position here at the radio station. Contact Courtney at courtney@wbno-wqct.com.