Fulton Fish Fingerlings Soon To Be Distributed

The Ful­ton County Soil and Water Con­ser­va­tion Dis­trict is now tak­ing orders for its annual fish fin­ger­ling dis­tri­b­u­tion pro­gram for stock­ing ponds. The dead­line to order is May 8, with pick-up held May 12 at the Ful­ton County Fair­grounds. Pur­chasers will be noti­fied of their pick-up times after all orders are received. You need to bring con­tain­ers, such as a trash can or 5-gallon pail lined with a new trash bag. The bags when tied at the top enable air to be added for the trip home. Fill con­tain­ers no more than half full with your pond water. Species for sale include bluegill, chan­nel cat­fish, large-mouth bass, sun­fish, yel­low perch, and fat­head min­nows. For order forms and stock­ing rates, call 419–337-9217 or visit www.swcd.fultoncountyoh.com.

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