A Major Warning From Columbus

Gov. DeWine warns…as nearly every county in the state is at a high-risk level for coronavirus infections…there is no place left to hide. This, as Ohio joins dozens of other states, facing a new wave COVID-19. Right now…Ohio is breaking records previously set when the pandemic first hit in March. The governor has now called on leaders of each county to create a COVID defense team, to assess how to stop the spread of the virus infection on the local level. The group will include county commissioners, mayors and local hospital leaders. All this…as the 7-day rolling average of daily new cases in Ohio has risen from 1,563 new cases per day on Oct. 14 to 2,477 new cases on Oct. 28. Statewide…there are currently 1,536 people hospitalized with COVID-19 related symptoms, with 224 on ventilators. The governor stresses the infection spread is happening mostly in social gatherings and less in bars, businesses and schools.

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