After defeat of levy, what now for Williams County EMS?

Expenses were about $80,000 dollars over revenue for Williams County EMS in October, as officials plan on what to do following defeat of an operating levy. EMS staff says that amount was due to some new large pieces of medical equipment that came in for two new ambulances that have been ordered but not yet delivered. Williams County Commissioner Terry Rummel pointed out a normal month sees the agency running about $10,000 dollars in deficit. Voters last week rejected a 3.5 mill levy that would have run continuously to provide funding for EMS. He added even if a levy were approved next year, it would be a year and a half before collections would take place. He also said he welcomes suggestions. A visitor to the meeting suggested halving it and making it renewable after five years. There was also discussion on the possibility of exploring an income tax levy. There was also discussion on a $64,000 dollar grant EMS is applying for that can go to employee retention and is paid to employees who worked for the agency during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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