Baseball Card Story Continues to be Told

Defi­ance restau­rant owner Karl Kiss­ner con­tin­ues to enjoy noto­ri­ety two years after dis­cov­er­ing a trea­sure trove of base­ball cards in the attic of a home once owned by his grand­fa­ther. It was a pris­tine, never cir­cu­lated col­lec­tion of base­ball cards dis­trib­uted with candy at the turn of the last cen­tury includ­ing play­ers like Ty Cobb, Honus Wag­ner, Cy Young and more. They could be worth in total 3 mil­lion dol­lars. Two years ago he went on the Today show to tell the story to Matt Lauer. Now two other net­works have sent cam­eras to inter­view him this sum­mer. One for the new HGTV show called Who’s Live in My House. And the other for a new series on Fox Busi­ness Net­work called Strange Inheritance.

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