Bryan Police Solve Crime From Last Weekend

Bryan Police have cracked a case involv­ing a dam­aged vehi­cle that hap­pened last week­end. It was around 2:30 Sat­ur­day morn­ing, when a Chrysler hit a parked Chevy Blazer on South Williams Street. The dri­ver left the scene, but also left the dam­aged vehi­cle in the mid­dle of the street. It was reg­is­tered to a nearby home­owner, who told police that her boyfriend, 33 year old Christo­pher Gant had bor­rowed the car to go to a bar in down­town Bryan. The inves­ti­ga­tion revealed that although Gant had called police and reported the vehi­cle stolen, he had actu­ally been the one dri­ving it. That was backed up by sur­veil­lance video of him at a gas sta­tion before the crash. Gant was charged with dri­ving under sus­pen­sion and leav­ing the scene of an accident.

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