Bryan Police Sweep

Bryan Police on Mon­day arrested 39 year old Roberta M. Lyons and charged her with Crim­i­nal Tres­pass and Pos­ses­sion of Mar­i­juana. She was taken to CCNO.

Also on Mon­day, Bryan Police nabbed 27 year old Alan J. Deetz for Crim­i­nal Tres­pass. He too was taken to CCNO.

On Tues­day, Bryan Police con­tin­ued on their mis­sion by arrest­ing 18 year old Nathaniel P. Oehler, also charg­ing him with Crim­i­nal Tres­pass, along with Crim­i­nal Mis­chief, Men­ac­ing and Dis­or­derly Con­duct. He too was taken to CCNO.

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