Bryan To Remeasure Deeds

Bryan will soon be updat­ing deeds with landown­ers along Ohio 111 in Defi­ance County near it’s hydro­elec­tric plant which sits just south of Defi­ance. The Bryan Times reports that Brian Car­lin, the Bryan Munic­i­pal Util­i­ties Direc­tor, noted that a new prop­erty owner along the river in that area brought some dis­crepen­cies to his atten­tion that involve the topo­graph­i­cal infor­ma­tion on the deeds and the actual lay­out of the land as it exists today. Appar­ently, the dif­fer­ences lie in the fact that over the years, some of the back­flow areas and lagoons have been filled with dirt. The new mea­sure­ments will reflect those changes. Car­lin told city lead­ers that he has no rea­son to believe that the new mea­sure­ments would in any way affect the city or the power supply.

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