Burglar Bust In SC

Three men are arrested after a homeowner interrupts a burglary late Wednesday morning, all this, at an East Division Road address in Steuben County’s rural Scott Township. Officials tell reporters the homeowner came home to find that the residence had been broken into…and soon sees two male intruders, still inside the home. The man gets a gun…and confronts the two suspects. They were hiding in a locked bedroom. To make his point…the armed man squeezes off two rounds in the air. One of the suspects bolts through and window and runs. Blake Harris stuck around…he was booked soon after. A little later, officers catch up to Ricky Harget after he got away the first time around. He faces a list of charges in the case as well. Both will be in a Steuben County courtroom, next week, in the case. A third suspect was picked up by officers, as well. The investigation continues.

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