Enhanc­ing secu­rity and peak pop­u­la­tion num­bers high­lighted Wednesday’s meet­ing of the Cor­rec­tions Com­mis­sion of North­west Ohio.

Board mem­bers were pre­sented a new pro­posal in regards to installing addi­tional fenc­ing and con­crete between the main facil­ity and the sep­a­rate two-story work release build­ing. Under the pro­posal, the build­ing which cur­rently houses work release and com­mu­nity pub­lic works par­tic­i­pants would also house min­i­mum secu­rity offend­ers to offer more pro­gram­ming and bet­ter uti­lize the 143 avail­able beds.

At the pre­vi­ous board meet­ing, mem­bers were advised the pro­posed project would cost almost $75,000 for addi­tional fenc­ing, con­crete and dri­ve­way replace­ment.

Board mem­bers also learned that the Fed­eral Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Com­mis­sion recently placed a cap on long dis­tance tele­phone fees on inmate phone calls. The deci­sion may amount to a reduc­tion of 10 to 20 per­cent in rev­enues which help finance the jail’s cap­i­tal improve­ment fund.

A new com­mu­nity ser­vice pro­gram will begin Sept. 5 in Williams County. Under the pro­gram, inmates will be directly super­vised by a CCNO secu­rity offi­cer to per­form var­i­ous ser­vice work.

Work sites will include Stryker, West Unity, Spring­field Town­ship and the Williams County fairgrounds.

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