Changing marijuana laws confusing to employers, employees

Hun­dreds attended a talk by a Toledo lawyer about mar­i­juana in the work­place, held in Arch­bold Tues­day. Attor­ney Tom Dixon told the audi­ence that med­ical mar­i­juana is likely to become legal in the state, after Repub­li­cans cre­ated a task force to inves­ti­gate it. And a new poll shows that 90 per­cent of Ohioans approve of med­ical mar­i­juana. What that means for the work­place is on many work­ers minds. Dixon said that employ­ers have the right to fire an employee who tests pos­i­tive for any use of mar­i­juana, even in a state where its legal. He advised employ­ers to have or cre­ate a clear drug pol­icy and include drug & alco­hol test­ing. And make sure employ­ees know the con­se­quences of vio­lat­ing the com­pany policy.

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