Cold Temps

With overnight lows below zero, and daytime highs running well below normal, Bryan Municipal Utilities wants to remind area folks that a few simple steps could help keep their pipes from freezing.

BMU has been called out to many frozen service line calls so far this year, all due to the extreme cold the area has been experiencing.

The utility offers some basic tips to help prevent your water from freezing…

They say you should protect exposed pipes from cold air drafts by closing and sealing windows and any exposed openings in basements or crawlspaces. Also, provide proper insulation for walls and pipes where necessary.

If pipes cannot be shielded from the cold, or if the home has a history of freeze-ups, run a small stream in an inside faucet to keep the water moving through the pipes when temperatures reach the single digits. Make sure the drain is not plugged or blocked.

Keep your thermostat set above 55 degrees, even if you will be away for several days.

Be sure you and other household members know where your main shut-off valve is located in case an emergency occurs.

And if you find your pipes frozen??? Call a licensed plumber or the Bryan Water Department if you are not sure what to do.

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