Cold Weather

We don’t need anyone to tell us here in northwest Ohio that it was cold this winter. Now, we can officially say it was darn cold! In fact, it wasn’t just cold in February, it was almost 17 degrees colder than normal.

The average temperature last month was 1.04 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s 16.9 degrees colder than the historic average of 18 degrees.

Compare that with this January, when it was only 5.5 degrees colder than normal. The daily average then was 10.48 degrees compared to the historic normal of 16. December 2014 was 4.2 degrees warmer than usual. The National Weather Service says it was all due to a north-northwesterly air flow out of Canada, which kept getting reinforced with shots of arctic air. But with spring just around the corner, or so we hope anyway, there is some good news. By this weekend it should warm up into the 40s.

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