Covid In WC…Now.

COVID-19 is continuing its surge in Williams County leading into the holiday season with another death reported just before Thanksgiving. As of Wednesday, there are a total of 1,079 confirmed cases in the county, including 142 probable cases. The state is still saying thousands of cases are still waiting to be reviewed and verified. There have been 74 hospitalizations, with currently 11 in care, right now. None of those 11 were on ventilators and none were from nursing homes. The state is reporting 594 people are presumed to have recovered from the virus as of Wednesday. In a community talking points email issued Wednesday from Victoria Smith, director of health education and preparedness at the Williams County Health Department, she addressed the misconception that people shouldn’t be worried about COVID-19 because of the 99% recovery rate. The email states case fatality rate depends on age and underlying health conditions, meaning some people are more affected by the virus than others. For example, older people and people with chronic health conditions are considered high-risk for complications and are more likely to become hospitalized.

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