Covid Starts To Plateau

COVID-19 cases are trending downward in Williams County, though the county’s vaccine rate is still low. Health officials say the trend was expected…based off modeling from John Hopkins University, which has been the most accurate for them throughout the pandemic. The downward trend is simply part of the basic ebb and flow the pandemic has taken over the last year and a half. According to the latest data from the state, only 39.49% of Williams County’s population has been fully vaccinated against the disease. This is behind the state average of 50.79%. Better news…at least 80% of the county population aged 65 or older has been vaccinated. They add…the booster shots for the vaccine…authorized last month for people, 65 years old or older, and for other people with underlying medical conditions…are going well, especially among the seniors. Williams County has seen a total of 5,021 cases of COVID-19, with 4,504 people presumed recovered and 247 total hospitalizations.

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