Defiance Reservoir OK

This year’s harsh win­ter hasn’t caused the Defi­ance reser­voir oper­a­tion any major prob­lems.

Accord­ing to the Cres­cent News, water plant super­in­ten­dent Adam McDow­ell reports that this win­ter has been less of a chal­lenge than the 2012–13 sea­son.

The reser­voir, accord­ing to McDow­ell, is much fuller than it was at this time last year. The recent level was about 14 feet, up almost 4.5 feet from last win­ter.

The higher water level this win­ter has allowed the city to escape a prob­lem it had last year with a lower level — an exposed intake sus­cep­ti­ble to freez­ing. Last year, the intake froze up twice.

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