Dumping Waste To Soon Cost More

It’s going to cost more to get rid of your garbage.

The Four-County Solid Waste Dis­trict Board is adding a $2 per ton con­tract fee to com­ply with require­ments of its state-mandated 15-year plan. The dis­trict includes Williams, Defi­ance, Ful­ton, and Pauld­ing coun­ties.

Accord­ing to the Cres­cent News, the $2 per ton fee has not yet been for­mally approved by the solid waste board, but it appears to be on the way, most likely by the begin­ning of Octo­ber this year.

Two pub­lic hear­ings, one on June 9 and another on July 28 will be held to allow pub­lic com­ment.

If enacted, the fee will apply to all waste gen­er­ated inside the bound­aries of the solid waste dis­trict, even if that waste is dis­posed of in facil­i­ties out­side the Four-County Solid Waste Dis­trict.

The increase per month for each house­hold will be quite small how­ever, and should be less than 25 cents.

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