The Edger­ton Fire Depart­ment is excited about a new process that allows crews to tap into farm­ers’ irri­ga­tion wells.

Accord­ing to an arti­cle in the Bryan Times, the Edger­ton Fire Depart­ment believes it to be an impor­tant new tool that could pay pay off big in fire­fight­ing.

Up until now, the prob­lem with using them has been that the wells were all located in the mid­dle of fields, out of reach for the fire engines’ use.

But that is all chang­ing.

A new well can cost a farmer around $30,000-$40,000. If the farmer chooses to locate that well closer to the high­way, that can be advan­ta­geous for both par­ties. The fire com­pany just needs some addi­tional fit­tings to con­nect, and they can then have water pre­cious min­utes faster than before.

The irri­ga­tion wells, which have yet to be used for a real fire, can help save someone’s home — or someone’s life.

As of now, the depart­ment has four such wells that could be used in case of fire and Blue said a few more should be on the way.

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