Election Nearly Went Off Without A Hitch

With the exception of an issue with ballots in 10 precincts in Bryan and Montpelier…quickly fixed, it didn’t affect results…Election Day in Williams County went smoothly, county election officials say. A total of 6,553 of the county’s 24,290 total registered voters cast ballots in the off-year election, a 27 percent turnout. Apparently, ballots in Bryan and Montpelier precincts were failing to scan. Those ballots, which were supposed to be 8.5 by 14 inches, were delivered from the county’s ballot printer, Midwest Direct, at 14 ½ inches and even 15 inches long. Poll workers at the affected precincts took scissors and paper cutters to trim the ballots to the right size, so they could be read by the optical scanners.

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