Elevator Repairs On Williams County Agenda

If you plan to visit the Williams County Cour­t­house next month, bet­ter plan also on using the stairs. The ele­va­tor in the cour­t­house will be be out of ser­vice, begin­ning on Mon­day, May 18th, for about a month for repairs. The old ele­va­tor is get­ting tired. It was installed about 58 years ago, back in 1957, and has expe­ri­enced a num­ber of tech­ni­cal issues over the past year that has caused it to be out of ser­vice, some­times for weeks at a time. Although an inspec­tion has revealed that the cab and cables are in good shape, the ele­va­tor itself needs a new door mech­a­nism, clutch, inter­lock and motor. Also, the “brains” of the ele­va­tor… four soft­ware boards, are in need of replace­ment, and the floor tiles will be replaced. The work, which will be done dur­ing reg­u­lar busi­ness hours, will cost the county about $82,000, and is being planned around the sched­ules of Judge Stelzer and Judge Bird.

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