Fire offi­cials say it was a com­bi­na­tion of fast think­ing and old plas­ter that saved a farm house on County Road F Thurs­day morn­ing after a space heater set cur­tains in that house on fire.

Fire fight­ers say the fam­ily liv­ing there had smoke detec­tors and they worked. The peo­ple closed up all the doors and got out as they should, and that kept the fire from spread­ing.

Fire­fight­ers were called out yes­ter­day morn­ing around 6:30 to the old farm house with plas­ter walls. They say it was a good thing that those walls were plas­ter, as plas­ter can get very hot but it doesn’t burn well.

They also say it was good that the home­owner closed up all the doors and win­dows before leav­ing. If she had ran out and left the doors open, the incom­ing air would have made a big dif­fer­ence.

Actual fire dam­age is esti­mated at $500, but smoke dam­age is esti­mated at $3,000.

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