Ferrell Sentenced For Pallet Fraud

Bryan’s Gene Fer­rell now can say for sure just where he is going to be for most of the next five years. Far­rell was sen­tenced Mon­day to four years, 11 months in prison for his part in a nation­wide scam involv­ing around $25,000 worth of bogus sales of wooden pal­lets. He got off easy… The 38 year old Fer­rell entered into a plea deal with pros­e­cu­tors after he learned that if he didn’t coop­er­ate, he could lose more than 35 years of his free­dom for the fraud he com­mit­ted. And, because of one stip­u­la­tion in that plea deal, Fer­rell got off even eas­ier, because the state won’t file an objec­tion to his appli­ca­tion for judi­cial release. That could mean that Fer­rell will have got­ten away with the decep­tion with as lit­tle as just a year behind bars. In the mean­time, all of that hinges on his con­duct while in jail. If he’s good, he stands to get out early. If he isn’t so good, he could be look­ing at sub­stan­tially more time locked up.

Fer­rell was found guilty in May of 16 counts of grand theft, one count of petty theft and one count of money laun­der­ing. One other part of his plea deal hinges on his pay­ment of resti­tu­tion of more than $231,000 to the var­i­ous com­pa­nies that he vic­tim­ized. Oh, and one other thing… On Mon­day, Fer­rell pleaded guilty to a seper­ate charge related to a drug deal that he did in Mont­pe­lier in May. He admit­ted in court yes­ter­day to doing that drug deal as he was await­ing sen­tenc­ing for the other charges. That case is now star­ing him in the face.

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