Flood Warnings Continue

The Flood warn­ings con­tinue today in much if not most of north­west Ohio, and they will remain in effect until at least 12:45 this after­noon. Those flood warn­ings for urban and small streams include Williams, Defi­ance, Henry and Ful­ton Coun­ties. The lat­est reports indi­cate flood waters are reced­ing in most areas, but some roads are still closed due to flood­ing in low lying and poor drainage areas. Flood­ing remains a big prob­lem though on many rivers. Scat­tered show­ers are in the fore­cast for today, but offi­cials say the flood­ing should grad­u­ally sub­side, with the excep­tions to that being near the rivers, where in many cases, the waters will con­tinue to rise.

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