Flooding Concerns

We’ve had sub-zero tem­per­a­tures. We’ve had near record, or in some cases, record snow­fall. Now, the win­ter weather that just keeps com­ing is toss­ing another thing at us.

The National Weather Ser­vice is now pre­dict­ing tem­per­a­tures to hit 50-degrees or bet­ter today. That’s good news if you want to warm up… bad news though due to the heavy snow pack out there.

Flood­ing is now a con­cern.

The ground is still frozen solid, so there will be lit­tle if any absorp­tion.

Although tem­per­a­tures will return to more winter-like con­di­tions by the week­end, the warm-up today will have river watch­ers through­out our area keep­ing close tabs on lev­els.

Ice dams on area water­ways will likely bring con­cern, as will flood­ing on roads due to the melt­ing snow which will have nowhere to go.

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