Groundwater study revealed in Bryan

A new ground­wa­ter study pre­sented at the Bryan Board of Pub­lic Affairs meet­ing Tues­day evening increases sig­nif­i­cantly the bound­aries of the City of Bryan’s source water pro­tec­tion area. Bryan Munic­i­pal Util­i­ties con­tracted with Ben­nett & Williams, a con­sult­ing firm, to update the delin­eation of the source water pro­tec­tion area as defined by the one-and five-year time-of-travel zones., which deter­mines the the time-of-travel required for ground­wa­ter to flow a spec­i­fied dis­tance and reach the city’s well­field. The new model included pub­lic water sup­ply sources that were not pre­vi­ously mod­eled and cur­rent pump­ing rates in indi­vid­ual City of Bryan wells as well as the Vil­lage of Mont­pe­lier and Span­gler Candy Company.

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