Henry County Court Shorts

From Henry County Com­mon Pleas Court…

40 year old Greg Belcher of Napoleon was placed on com­mu­nity con­trol for five years and ordered to spend 30 days behind bars after he pled guilty to Oper­at­ing a Motor Vehi­cle while Intox­i­cated.

19 year old Chance Roberts of Napoleon pled guilty to Pub­lic Inde­cency. For that, he will now serve 90 days at CCNO, how­ever, 80 of those days were sus­pended.

A trial date of June 9th has been set for 60 year old Mark Snuggs of Con­ti­nen­tal. Snuggs is charged with 44 felony counts that include Rape and Sex­ual Battery.

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