Householder Rails On The Pulpit

Ohio lawmaker, Larry Householder makes an impassioned case for not being expelled as a House member…while he awaits the outcome of his criminal case…declaring his innocence and asserting that charges against him do not constitute disorderly conduct, warranting removal. Before Republican and Democratic colleagues, Householder made references to the Civil War and how that was the last time the Ohio House expelled a sitting lawmaker…for punching a fellow legislator. Householder then went into the many reasons why he would not respond to bipartisan calls to resign…making references to the tens of thousands of voters in his 72nd district…who reelected him in an uncontested election, last November. Then…he went on to compare the bipartisan efforts to remove him…to the attempts by Congressman, Adam Schiff and House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi…to impeach former President, Donald Trump, earlier this year…calling all of it…nothing more than a political show. He and four others were arrested in July in an investigation, connected to a proposal…containing a ratepayer-funded bailout of two Ohio nuclear power plants.

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