Impressive Numbers, Post Election

Ohio’s elections chief certifies the results of 2020 election. Secretary of State, Frank LaRose says it was almost flawlessly executed, despite the pandemic, raising concern that President, Trump’s allegations of widespread fraud could be undercutting voter confidence in the process. The certification delivers the state’s 18 electoral votes to President, Trump, who beat President-elect, Joe Biden in the state by 8 percentage points. LaRose adds Ohio produced an extraordinary level of access for voters, setting records…with nearly 6 million votes cast and a 74% turnout. That tops the average of the past 20 years. Also…Ohio slashed the percentage of absentee mail-in ballots, disqualified for voter error, to less than half a percent this year…despite a surge in first-time voters. Another record?…94% of the absentee ballots requested…were returned.

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