It’s Official… This Is The Snowiest Winter EVER in Williams County

It’s now offi­cial. The National Weather Ser­vice has released sta­tis­tics show­ing that this win­ter is now offi­cially the snowiest win­ter on record.

We’ve now had more snow than any pre­vi­ous win­ter, even beat­ing out the win­ter of 1977–78 which includes the Bliz­zard of ’78.

That win­ter, Williams County got 63.6 inches of snow. So far this year, accord­ing to the National Weather Ser­vice, we’ve seen 72.2 inches. What’s more, the win­ter isn’t over yet.

Want to really put these num­bers in per­spec­tive? Con­sider this… in an aver­age win­ter, we get about 27 inches of snow total here in Williams County.

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