Local Radio Shack Stores On The Chopping Block

Fol­low­ing the announce­ment last week that it was fil­ing bank­ruptcy and shut­ter­ing many stores nation­wide, Radio Shack has released a list of the stores it intends to close. Included on that list is the Radio Shack at the North­towne Mall in Defi­ance. The local store is among more than 1,700 stores nation­wide that will be going out of busi­ness in the next 60 days. While Radio Shack says some stores will join with Sprint for a “store within a store,” type con­cept, the Defi­ance Radio Shack isn’t one of them.

Right now, four peo­ple work at the 2,213-square-foot store in Defi­ance, which is expected to shut it’s doors by the end of this month. Some other stores that are slated to close, will do so by Feb. 17th, and a final round of clos­ings will take place on or before March 31st.

The Flag City store in Find­lay is also on the list of stores to be closed, but no offi­cial date has yet been given for that location.

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