Low Clearance Signs In Defiance Finally Working

Low clear­ance warn­ings below two CSX Rail­road viaducts in Defi­ance were finally work­ing as intended, but now one of them has been removed until a new loca­tion for it is found. In all, four of the new signs were installed ear­lier this year. The prob­lem quickly became appar­ent, when the flash­ing mes­sages indi­cat­ing the low clear­ance were not all that bright at night, and they were often totally unread­able dur­ing the day­time hours. New bulbs were installed, and now the signs are much brighter. The repairs were done by the com­pany that installed the lights, and cost th ecity of Defi­ance noth­ing. Now in fact, the bulbs are so bright in order to be seen dur­ing the day, that they must be dimmed at night so they are not too bright in the dark.

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