Man Found Dead In Van

Police say a man from Ottoville was found dead in his vehi­cle Mon­day after­noon in Put­nam County.

The body of 79 year old Vic­tor Fis­chbach was found in a van in a road­side drainage ditch along County Road 23-Q, north of County Road T around 3 yes­ter­day after­noon. The van had no appar­ent exter­nal dam­age.

Put­nam County Coro­ner Dr. Anna Horstman pro­nounced Fis­chbach dead at the scene.

An autopsy is being done to deter­mine the exact cause of death. Police say the acci­dent doesn’t appear to have been fatal to the man. Alco­hol does not appear to be a fac­tor as well, but police do say his seat belt was not in use.

The inves­ti­ga­tion is con­tin­u­ing today.

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