A live deploy­ment demon­stra­tion of a mobile, 32-bed hos­pi­tal to be used in cri­sis sit­u­a­tions took place on Wednes­day at ProMed­ica Defi­ance Regional Hos­pi­tal.

The mobile hos­pi­tal, owned by Hos­pi­tal Coun­cil of North­west Ohio, is deployed in one of two drills con­ducted every year.

The hos­pi­tal is based on the MASH units used dur­ing the Korean War, but of course, is much more tech­ni­cally advanced. There are two of the 32-bed mobile hos­pi­tal units that can be used by hos­pi­tals belong­ing to the hos­pi­tal coun­cil.

The tents are blown up with infla­tors and have heaters for the cold weather.

Offi­cials say that while it usu­ally takes only about three hours to set up the 32-bed hos­pi­tal, it took five hours this time dur­ing the drill this week, because of the cold weather and snow.

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