Mink Farm Closes

It appears the Van Wert County mink farm that was vandalized in November, resulting in the escape of about 10,000 of the animals, is now closing. Area officials say…Lion Farms, located north of Van Wert…known as North America’s largest mink farm…is selling the property, possibly to nearby Cooper Farms. The entire operation shut down on Friday. Cooper Farms works in turkeys. So there is no real word yet on what may happen at the Lion property, yet. We reported…investigators believed it was an act of eco-terrorism…as thousands of mink were released from Lion Farms. Still…weeks after the incident…they say 10,000 mink are unaccounted for. The prime suspect ?…officials say it could be people connected to the Animal Liberation Front. ALF was spray painted on one of the buildings. The incident is still under investigation.

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