Montpelier man identified in fatal Friday shooting

The man shot and killed by local law enforcement last weekend has been identified as 59-year-old John M. Anderson of Montpelier. A 911 call from Community Health requested a check on the man after who reportedly had “various illnesses” and “showed signs of depression,” according to the Bryan Times today. The man was being treated for kidney failure and diabetes through Hospice, and the Toledo Blade said the man was “irate” and “borderline confused” with staff members after he called them to not come to his home for his regular visit. An employee said the man indicated to them on the phone that he was “done” and “wasn’t going to do this anymore.” According the man’s brother, he did not have a history of mental illness and may have been going through withdrawl and pain. He was shot and killed on Friday morning by an unnamed officer of one of the responding agencies from the area.

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