Montpelier Selling Some Real Estate

An approval to sell a small, just under one half acre, piece of prop­erty on Main Street in Mont­pe­lier, was approved by the Mont­pe­lier Vil­lage Coun­cil Mon­day evening.

The prop­erty being sold, accord­ing to the Bryan Times, is located east of the street depart­ment barn, and mea­sures 45 by 282 feet, total­ing 0.43 acres. It is being pur­chased by Atwa­ter Group, of Chicago, Ill., for $17,880. The Atwa­ter Group is a full-service bro­ker­age and devel­op­ment com­pany spe­cial­iz­ing in retail, and now has 120 days to do inspec­tion on the site, with pro­vi­sions to extend the time period twice, in 30 day increments.

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