The Mont­pe­lier Water Depart­ment will begin the annual fire hydrant flush­ing and flow-testing pro­gram on Mon­day, August 19th. It’s expected to be com­pleted on or before Wednes­day, August 28th.

Dur­ing the week of flush­ing and test­ing, Vil­lage water cus­tomers may notice some dis­col­oration in their water. The Vil­lage says that’s only tem­po­rary, the water is still safe to drink, but you should double-check the tap water prior to using an auto­matic washer, as the dis­col­ored water may stain light col­ored cloth­ing.

Offi­cials say the con­di­tion may appear any­time dur­ing the day or night. The water in the mains should return to nor­mal within thirty min­utes or less of the crew leav­ing the area.

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