More Money Needed

With state funding coming to a close, the U.S. Geological Survey is in need of funding to continue its research into the Michindoh aquifer. The Ohio-Michigan-Indiana Council of Governments wants them to survey the aquifer commonly referred to as the Michindoh, because it is believed to be located under nine counties of the tri-state area. Although that study is coming along and a model of the Ohio portion of the aquifer should be completed sometime this year…continued monitoring is going to cost more money. During this week’s meeting, a hydrologist with the survey, said they have funding through September. A cost estimate is still under internal review. The document has two stated objectives. Continuing to monitor the seven wells would cost an estimated $43,200. Officials say they have received emails from local homeowners, willing to use their existing wells…or are OK with installing new wells on their property, as part of the study. That could cost as much as $20,000 per existing well. Doing the two additional surveys would cost roughly $74,000. That would include finding the sites, mobilizing at the site and getting the data to make it available. Cooperative funding match grants, which is being used this year, could be available to help with the cost, but any agreement for those grants has to be done through a taxing authority.

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