Napoleon Studies Water

A meet­ing was held Wednes­day after­noon in Napoleon, where the Henry County Regional Water and Sewer Dis­trict went over the results of a water sup­ply study. Tom Pogge­meyer, of Pogge­meyer Design Group Inc., from Bowl­ing Green, told the group that one issue with a ground water facil­ity, may be deal­ing with res­i­dents of Prov­i­dence Town­ship in Lucas County. He said he met with the Prov­i­dence Town­ship trustees to inform them about the study and said while they were very pleas­ant, and very nice to deal with, they didn’t think that we were going to be well received. He said it’s some­thing they will need to be pre­pared to deal with as a group and is part of some of the next dis­cus­sion that needs to take place. He says that there is a per­cep­tion that the vil­lage of White­house sucked everybody’s wells dry. Whether it’s right or not doesn’t mat­ter said Pogge­meyer, because that’s what they think. He said even if it can be shown sci­en­tif­i­cally to them that that’s incor­rect, per­cep­tion is the prob­lem that must be overcome.

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