Nice Job, Young Man

A Defiance teen is a hero…after saving his neighbor…after he slides into a pond during a four-wheeler crash, over the weekend. Now, Robert Gomez and his family are saying thank you…and they want everyone to know about the courageous act. And they want to remind everyone how quickly some situations can turn dangerous in a flash, with the goal of inspiring others. Gomez was riding his four-wheeler around a pond Sunday. Then…he misses a turn…the ATV fishtails…and Gomez is thrown into the water. Gomez doesn’t know how to swim…as his helmet fills up with water. He starts to sink. That’s when 15-year-old, Damian Dotson springs into action to save his neighbor. Diving in the water…he performs a Fireman’s Carry. With Gomez on his back, now…Dotson gets him to shore. Then…the youngster gives Gomez CPR…removing the water from his lungs. He’s revived. The Gomez family is having a get together…to thank Damian…for being a hero.

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