Northern Ohio Ebola Developments

Among the peo­ple who flew on the same plane as Ebola patient Amber Vin­son from Dal­las to Cleve­land are two peo­ple from the San­dusky area. The Erie County Health Depart­ment says it is extremely unlike they were exposed to the virus because they were not seated near Vin­son. But the Ohio Health Depart­ment has said it wants who came in con­tact with the woman quar­an­tined for 21 days just in case and any­one who was even near her like the two from Erie County, should take their tem­per­a­tures sev­eral times a day and should go to a doc­tor at the sign of any change. Nurse Vin­son, know­ing she had treated a man who died from Ebola, called the CDC to ask if she could fly home to plan her wed­ding, because she had a fever of 99, but since the Ebola alarms go off with a fever of 101, she was told there was no objec­tion to her going. She was diag­nosed pos­i­tive the day after she landed in Cleveland.

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