Ohio Built Jeeps Push Chrysler Over The Top

Ohio-built Jeep vehi­cles set sales records last month.

Chrysler’s U.S. deal­ers sold a record num­ber of Ohio-built Jeep Wran­gler and Jeep Chero­kee sport util­ity vehi­cles in May. That helped Jeep to its best sales month ever.

The automaker said it sold 19,235 Wran­glers last month, shat­ter­ing the pre­vi­ous mark of 16,272 set a year ago. Deal­ers also sold 15,992 Chero­kees, the most since the vehi­cle went on the mar­ket in late Octo­ber.

Sales were so good in fact, that the two Ohio-made Jeeps accounted for more than half of all U.S. Jeep sales in the month.

Jeep has become Chrysler Group’s top-selling brand in the United States, with sales up 58 per­cent over last year. The brand set all-time sales records in each of the last three months.

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