Ohio has a lot of student loan debt

According to WalletHub, 68 percent of Ohio College Graduates have student debt. Just two years ago, that amount was about $29,000 as they walk out the door of the school. Over the past two years, the numbers have gone up. Now, with all that debt, today’s generation is living a different lifestyle than in previous generations. They’re putting off buying a home. In fact, many still live with their parents. For those who do live out on their own, having that student loan debt also prevents them from doing things like starting to save for retirement or investing.
One of the initiatives in the state changed the academic calendar to allow college credits to be easily transferred to a four year institution, aim to curb the issue. At the federal level, the student loan forgiveness program promises to erase all federal student loan debt for an individual after 240 payments or 20 years.

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