On The Stump

Ohio’s Republican option for U.S. Senate visited Defiance Wednesday afternoon as did the state’s treasurer and lieutenant governor, just a day after a number of other candidates came through and several days before election races are decided on Tuesday. The visit by first-term incumbent Treasurer, Robert Sprague…Lt. Gov. Jon Husted…and Senate hopeful JD Vance to Moncho’s Lounge on South Jefferson Avenue. While Vance commented on his Democratic Party opponent (Tim Ryan) in his quest for a six-year term in the Senate beginning in January, he also made mention of a bigger goal for Republicans…taking control of the Senate and stopping President Joe Biden’s agenda. The other two state candidates included Sprague who is seeking re-election to a second term against Democrat Scott Schertzer and Husted who is running for re-election along with Republican Gov. Mike DeWine against Democrat Nan Whaley and her running mate for lieutenant governor, Cheryl Stephens.

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