Over In Chambers

Henry County commissioners opened bids during their meeting on radio equipment for two nearby counties…as part of Homeland Security measures handled by county officials. The county’s EMA office takes care of Region 1 equipment purchases with Homeland Security grant funds. Motorola, P & R Solutions, offered a bid of $87,421.46 for 14 radios in Fulton County and $124,887.80 for 20 radios in Williams County. These figures far exceeded the engineer’s estimates ($50,000 and $73,780, respectively). Homeland Security grants totaling $123,000 can be used to help cover the cost, but with the above bid amounts local counties would have to cover the difference. In a separate bid opening, Ramsey-Bliese Corp. offered a bid of $78,490 for Homeland Security generator projects, a bit above the engineer’s estimate ($71,066). The bids on both purchases were tabled by commissioners so they can determine how to proceed following further consultations.

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