Parkview Terminates Agreement With UnitedHealthCare

If you have your insur­ance through Unit­ed­Health­care, and receive care through the Parkview health sys­tem net­work, lis­ten up.

You may have to change your doc­tor, your insur­ance, or pay out-of-network rates after April 15, 2015.

Parkview Health has announced that it is ter­mi­nat­ing its con­tract with Unit­ed­Health­care.

Parkview oper­ates the Parkview Physi­cians Group in Bryan.

Parkview’s deci­sion to ter­mi­nate its con­tract with Unit­ed­Health­care, accord­ing to the Bryan Times, “could affect any­one with Unit­ed­Health­care cov­er­age who chooses to access health­care through Parkview facil­i­ties.

On its web­site, Parkview says it has set up a Medicare help line for patients to call if they need more infor­ma­tion. The toll free num­ber is 855–222-7762. The cen­ter is staffed from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. week­days.

Unit­ed­Health­care mem­bers should call the phone num­ber on their insur­ance ID cards with questions.

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