Paulding Village talks assault rifles, body cameras

Now to Pauld­ing county where they’re talk­ing about body cam­eras and assault rifles for Vil­lage police offi­cers. In the Pauld­ing coun­cil meet­ing on Mon­day police chief Randy Craw­ford said they’ve been look­ing at a few dif­fer­ent types of cam­eras and would like to try the kind that Antwerp Vil­lage police depart­ment uses. The coun­cil also lis­tened to input about assault rifles for police offi­cers. Since shot­guns are so big and don’t fit in the cruiser, they have to be stored in the trunk. Smaller assault rifles would be easy to imple­ment. The coun­cil approved gath­er­ing more infor­ma­tion about poten­tial assault rifles for the village.

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