There were two guest speak­ers at Tuesday’s Pio­neer Coun­cil meet­ing.

Dawn Bald­win, direc­tor of emer­gency ser­vices for Williams County, and Rick Fair­banks, elec­tric super­vi­sor for the town spoke to coun­cil mem­bers.

Fair­banks, accord­ing to the Bryan Times, is due to retire in Jan­u­ary, leav­ing the town with two line­man. Fair­banks told coun­cil mem­bers he doesn’t feel the two men have enough expe­ri­ence to oper­ate safely in the many sit­u­a­tions which could arise.

He says the men are capa­ble of chang­ing meters and poles, but work­ing with high volt­age trans­form­ers is poten­tially dan­ger­ous and costly. He said he couldn’t give a def­i­nite answer on when the two would be ready, but that they need more expe­ri­ence.

In addi­tion, Fair­banks told mem­bers he wanted a let­ter from coun­cil offi­cially ter­mi­nat­ing his super­vi­sory posi­tion, which actu­ally ended Sept. 2.

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