Record Snowfall Means Lots Of Overtime

In Williams County, every avail­able dri­ver and truck was put into ser­vice to fight what turned out to be a record snow­fall this past week­end.

County offi­cials reported, accord­ing to the Bryan Times, that all 17 avail­able county snow­plow trucks, includ­ing one that is nor­mally kept aside as a spare, were out plow­ing snow from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sun­day.

Trucks were out for another 12-hour day on Mon­day. County offi­cials say that due to the high winds, cou­pled with the heavy snow, trucks were only plow­ing on Sun­day and Mon­day, and they were not using any salt or sand.

More clean-up is on the sched­ule for today, when work­ers will begin to treat the roads with salt and sand, and the clean up is expected to con­tinue for the bet­ter part of this week.

The big storm shut down the Williams County Cour­t­house and all county offices on Monday.

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