Scams are run­ning ram­pant across the coun­try, and this time of year, they seem to be espe­cially pre­vailent.

The Henry County Red Cross now says a local busi­ness has had a run in with one.

Two peo­ple entered the busi­ness and told their employ­ees that they were told by the Red Cross to go there to pick up gift cards. The two claimed to be involved in a fire recently. The prob­lem with the story is that there was no fire where they said there was.

Offi­cials with the Henry County Red Cross warn that these two peo­ple may attempt this scam else­where. Busi­ness own­ers and man­agers are asked inform employ­ees this is not how the Red Cross oper­ates, and it is a scam. Any­one affected by a dis­as­ter will be equipped with a client assis­tance card that comes directly from the Red Cross.

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